Saturday, September 15, 2007

Butterfly Girl

Stamp carved by zess
Box planted by Mim

Watson Park
Lyman Street, Northborough

Map it (nearest intersection): Bartlett Street and Lyman Street, Northborough MA

Driving directions can be found here
Trail map

As you enter, notice the butterfly garden around the rock on the left. Park at the traffic circle down by the pond.

**Bring your own ink**

Time: ~ 15 min
Terrain: Easy

Pick up the trail to the left of the boat ramp. On this trail you’ll be switching back and forth between woods and fields. You need remember only one thing-go where the red arrows and orange ties point you. Walk through the woods. Walk across a grassy clearing and enter the path at the "horse." Walk through the woods. When you come to the large open field notice the bird houses. These were put up to provide homes for bluebirds. Follow the arrow and the orange ties. Meadow. Woods. Stop at a 3-trunked tree on the right. Take 16 steps. Stop and look to your right at a pile of sticks and pine needles. Facing the pile, look under the edge of the pile on the right hand side at the base of a thin tree.

Return the way you came.

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Andrew was here! said...

Please help us...we have been unsuccesful at finding the pile of sticks and pine needles 16 steps from the 3 trunked tree!