Saturday, September 15, 2007

Crazy Coyote!

Yellick Conservation Land / Coyote Trail

**NOTE: Clue change (see below) as of March 23, 2008, due to extension of the Coyote Trail**

Stamp carved by The Merry Pranksters
Box planted by zess

The story behind the name "Coyote Trail"

Driving Directions
Trail map

** Bring your own ink **

Distance of hike: 0.5 miles each way out & back for a total of 1 mile

Terrain: This path cuts along the slope of a hill alongside the Assabet River. The trail is very narrow & eroded in places, and the river is directly down slope. THIS TRAIL IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR YOUNG CHILDREN! It is also not recommended for people with ankle problems b/c of the difficulty of walking along a steep slope. Finally, it is treacherous in slippery conditions, such as lots of rain, mud, snow, or ice. Other than all that, it is a perfectly lovely hike!


Park your car and walk back toward the road (away from the river). A Northborough Trails post is on the left. At this time, the path at the trailhead is covered with poison ivy & not well maintained. (Are you really still reading after all the warnings? Good, because your rewards will be great--this is a lovely area along the river and into the marsh.) However, there is an old road/cart path just 10 steps or so from the trailhead going in the direction of the road. This is periodically mowed, and is the preferred route at this time.

Follow the grassy road to where you have a clear shot of the river, then hug the river as you walk at the back boundaries of some houses. Please be respectful of the homeowners and stay close to the path. Very quickly you will come to a bridge where you will cross the Assabet River & begin the hike eastbound along the southern slope. Be VERY careful on this hike—the path is small & eroded, and the river is directly down slope.

Follow the path along the river to a grassy area with two chairs. Nice place to sit and relax. The opening here leads to a housing complex for over 55.


Once you get to the chairs, you will turn around and head back toward the trail you just came in on. Go to the first tree at the edge of the grassy area & the trail. This tree has a Northborough trail marker on it. From this tree, walk straight along the path for approximately 25 adult steps (it was REALLY dark when I was there, so this is approximate, but you are in the right area and shouldn't have trouble finding this next part). Stop and turn left (uphill). About 50 yards up into the woods you’ll see the obvious place for a hide--a boulder with a nice horizontal split. Remove some rocks and look in from the West side. Backtrack to the trailhead & your car.

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