Saturday, September 15, 2007

About The Northborough Trails Committee

(from their website, Northborough Trails Commitee)

The Northborough Trails Committee's formal name is the Trails Subcommittee of the Northborough Open Space Committee. It was founded in February of 2001 when Arthur Cole went before the Open Space Committee to ask if they would be interested in creating a trail system in Northborough. They surprised him with their enthusiasm and they appointed him chairman of the subcommittee. Since then the NTC has actively searched for places to create and build new trails, as well as maintain the current trail system. The NTC is a formal Committee of the Town of Northborough, but all of the people involved are volunteers who share a common goal to provide access to the Town’s recreational areas by maintaining a viable trail system.

There are currently seven recreational areas in Northborough (Mt. Pisgah; Edmund Hill Woods; Watson Park; Little Chauncy; Cedar Hill; Carney Park; and Carlstrom II Forest) that contain approximately 20 miles of wonderful trails as part of the Northborough trail system, and some of these connect to trails in other towns such as the Westborough Charm Bracelet trail system. All of the trails in Northborough are multi-use trails, unless posted otherwise, and allowed uses are: hiking; mountain biking; skiing; snow shoeing; and, equestrian. The Sudbury Valley Trustees does not allow mountain biking on their trails at Cedar Hill and Sawink Farm. Motorized vehicles such as ATV’s are not allowed on any of the trails. Hunting is allowed on the MassWildLife properties at Mt. Pisgah and Crane Swamp. Hunting is also allowed on the Town of Northborough land at Mt. Pisgah by permit, so be aware during hunting season. Check the MassWildLife link for hunting seasons.

Visit the Northborough Trails Committee website for additional information:

Click here for .pdf files for all of the Northborough trailmaps.

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