Saturday, September 15, 2007

Go, Dog. Go!

Stamps carved and boxes planted by zess

Little Chauncy & Talbot Trails

Trailhead: Fisherman's Boat Access: Driving Directions

Distance: ~ 3 miles
Terrain: moderate due to a few hills; can be muddy in places
Clues: Easy

Notes: Bring your own ink. First box is a micro; logbook in second box.

#1. Black & white dog

Begin on trail & follow along lake, over boardwalks, past field, into pine forest.
At intersection take path to the right.
Follow trail to the cattle crossing tunnel & proceed through it (duck your head)
Continue on trail & cross street & pick up trail again
At intersection, go left, following the Northborough Trails sign “Talbot Trail”
This is a new trail just blazed this summer by an Eagle Scout
Follow around until intersection (in September…do you smell the grapes?) and turn left. (**the backtrack to here is the same route, so pay attention as you proceed**)
At next intersection, turn right (Talbot Trail)
Trail split, stay to the left
Go around tree fallen over trail
Follow trail as it turns left and goes down hill.
Another (much larger) fallen tree across path
Proceed to Eagle Scout bridge
Go ~1/2 way across bridge, to the biggest tree on the right that is the closest to the bridge
Take a step past the tree, face right, and lie down on your stomach
Look under bridge for something that does not belong.

#2. Three dogs at a party on a boat at night

Return to that intersection with the grapes, but go straight (instead of right) for different scenery
Cross street
Cattle tunnel
Split in trail, with tree in the middle with two red Northborough markers
Go Right
Sharp left
Second red marker (i.e., ~60 steps past the sharp left)
Look left for a stick/log circle with ~ 10 foot diameter on the ground
Rock outcropping in south/southwest direction – stand between edge of rocks & large pine abutting the rocks on the far side
Face southwest, toward lake. (To be more specific, face 260 degrees & spot a 1 foot high stump; if you go to this stump, the long log mentioned below will be to your left)
(Four foot stump there now—it’s tenuous & may not be standing for long **6/28/08--this stump has fallen**)
From rock/pine location, take ~8 adult steps.
Note long log at your feet
Far side, right end, notice a smaller, 1-1/2 foot log next to long log

After stamping in, continue on your journey back to your car.

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D said...

Found the first stamp with no problem.

Found the clue for the second , yet could not locate the second stamp.

Has this stamp been re-located , or did I just mis-understand the clue ?