Saturday, September 15, 2007

Northborough Trails Letterboxing Quest: Puzzle Pieces

Stamps carved and boxes planted by zess

Driving directions to all trails are here

***Bring your own ink; marker(s) recommended!***

Carney Park/Cold Harbor Trail

Start on path by kiosk. When path turns left and is gravel and you can see the huge boulder & dam ahead, there is a small many-trunked tree a step off the trail on the right. In the middle of all these trunks, under lots of debris to hide it, is the box. (There used to be a large tree stump it hid behind, but the stump has stumbled several feet down slope.)

** LBs on trail: Winter Dawn, Northborough Trails Quest: Map

Cold Harbor Extension

With the trailmap box on your left, face the trail. Note the long rock on the rock wall in front of you. Note the rock to it’s left—look under it, hidden in birch bark. YOU DO NOT NEED TO MOVE ANY ROCKS FROM THE WALL!

** LBs on trail: Cold Harbor Cattails

Carstrom Forest/Jubilee Trail

Enter the forest at the beginning of the trail (several yards west of the signboard) and take the path to the right. Pass the blue dot pole tree on the right, and stop at the next blue dot pole tree—this one on the left. Stop here and turn 90 degrees or so such that you are facing uphill. **Amended clue: Sight the largest tree at the top that is in your straight-on view. To the right of this tree is an interesting old stump with cool features. Go further along the trail and then climb to the top and head back toward that sighted tree. You'll run into that stump along the way. The box lies inside. Please be sure to cover well with bark, sticks, and/or leaves. Look at it from all angles to be sure it is concealed.

** LBs on trail: Mastodon

Cedar Hill

Clues start at the signboard.

Go straight past the signboard and follow the trail across the railroad tracks (careful here—they are active tracks), past the red gate, past the cedars, through the meadow, over the boardwalk, and to the bridge. Take two steps off the bridge. Find the 3-4 foot high tree stump approximately 20 feet into the woods. In that stump, near the top, back & left. BE CAUTIOUS OF POISON IVY HERE. It is not a big patch, and there is none on the stump, but step carefully as you approach the hide.

** LBs on trail: See-Der Pine Cones; SVT Letterboxing Challenge 2007: Crane Swamp Region – Cedar Hill and Sawink Farm

Edmund Hill Woods

Updated clue 3/30/12: Proceed down the path to station #4, which is by a large fallen tree. Walk along the fallen tree toward the top end where it is hugging another tree. Look right (west) for a 2-trunk tree approximately 15 steps off the trail. The box is hidden in the crook between the two trunks.

** LBs on trail: Save the Earth; High School Musical

Little Chauncy/Talbot Trails/Cole Trail

With the mapbox on your right, spot the railroad-tie-looking old fence post a few steps ahead of you (this is now lying on the ground alongside the trail). The box is in the end of this post, covered with leaves/wood. PLEASE cover it really super-well with leaves and bark before laying the top piece of wood over it.

** LBs on trail: Go, Dog. Go!; The Wild

Mt. Pisgah

Start to the right on the Loop Trail. At the fork, stay straight and pass through the pine saplings. Pass the two tall pines side-by-side on the left. Sixteen steps after those pines are another pair of pines, about 3 feet apart from each other, on the left. (NOTE: It seems the rest of the clues are not very good--folks are having trouble finding the box--so I've written a second (hopefully better) set of clues, which follow.)

With your left shoulder next to the pine (of the second pair, you know, three feet apart from each other) closest to the trail, take 14 steps along the path in the same direction you have been traveling. You should be standing just before a new stand of pine saplings starts. Turn to the left, and take 10 steps off the path. As you are taking these ten steps, you will have the line of three trees (oak-pine-oak) on your right side. You will now be standing at that small (very narrow circumference) dead tree with no head, that is growing out of rocks. One of those rocks forms a ledge, and the Mt. Pisgah box lies under that ledge, hidden by a loose rock and sticks.

** LBs on trail: Grateful Letterbox: Uncle Sam; Frog Went A Jumpin'; Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?; Up, Up, and Away

Watson Park

Drive past the boat ramp and park by the picnic table with a large rock behind it. Enter the trail, keeping the pond on your right. Pass the sawhorse with the white rectangular tube sticking out of the ground. At the fork, stay left toward the open field. Just before entering the field, on the right is a many-trunked (~12) tree. At the base of this tree, pond-side, under leaves is the box.

** LBs on trail: Butterfly Girl; Just Ducky

Yellick Conservation Area/Coyote Trail

Park in the middle of the parking lot facing the large boulders and looking out over the field. Look for deer at the far side of the field—I’ve had several sightings. The largest flat boulder, which looks ideal for stamping in, hides the Coyote letterbox under the back side.

** LBs on trail: Crazy Coyote

NOTE: Before you set out you must read and agree to the Waiver of Responsibility and Disclaimer.

"..... Grateful to be letterboxing ....."

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