Saturday, March 21, 2009

For information about the Northborough trails, check out our webpage

Most Northborough Trails
Northborough Trails Letterboxing Quest (zess the treehuggers)

Cedar Hill:
SVT LB Challenge 2007 (SVT; zess the treehuggers)
See Der Pine Cones (SVT; Dale End Farm)

Cold Harbor:
Winter Dawn (Mim)
Cold Harbor Cattails (zess the treehuggers)

Watson Park:
Butterfly Girl (Mim)
Just Ducky (HarmonyMA)

Jubilee Trail
Mastodon (Mim)

Mt. Pisgah
Grateful Letterbox: Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? (zess the treehuggers)
Frog Went a Jumpin' (HarmonyMA)
Grateful Letterbox: Uncle Sam (zess the treehuggers)
Grateful Letterbox: Up, Up and Away (HarmonyMA)
Children's Memorial (zess the treehuggers)

Edmund Hill
High School Musical (zess the treehuggers)
Save the Earth (zess the treehuggers)

Little Chauncy (& Talbot) Trails
Go, Dog. Go! (zess the treehuggers)

Cole Trail
The Wild (Camelgal)

Coyote Trail
Crazy Coyote (zess the treehuggers)

Old Farm Trail
Hungry Chipmunk

Birdsong Trail
Some Hats I Wear (HarmonyMA)

Mary Goodnow Memorial
Mary Goodnow (zess the treehuggers)

Ellsworth-McAffee Park
Get REVed up! (Are We There Yet Family)
SK8TRBOI (Dogwalkers)